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logo scSolarclarity Caribbean is a fast growing international specialised distributor of PV products. We supply installers and resellers throughout Europe and the Caribbean with a select range of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, cable, measurement instruments and monitoring equipment.

Solarclarity Netherlands is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing companies in the Dutch PV industry. In 2013, we were nominated for “FD Gazelle”, meaning that we are officially one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We distinguish ourselves by putting our customers and their systems first. Our objective is to take care of the entire purchasing and supply process of PV materials for our customers, so that they can focus on the sale and installation of as many solar energy systems as possible, anywhere in the world.

“I care deeply about climate change and the role that it will play in the lives of my two young children once they have grown up. I imagine that one day they will ask our generation: “did  you know about climate change, and what did you do about it? At Solarclarity, we have decided that, whatever happens, we will be able to say that we did what we could.

peter desmet - rondOne day my children will ask our generation: “Did you know about climate change, and what did you do about it?”
Peter Desmet (CEO)

Solar energy is the ideal way to do this. It is available for everyone, for centralised and decentralised energy generation, and compared to other energy generation methods, a solar energy system is relatively easy to set up. What’s more, everything is available to create a well-functioning and profitable system. Here and now.

We are therefore convinced that solar modules deserve an important place in the generation of energy. We want to contribute to that with clear and professional advice and a strong range of products. We call this: “Solar Made Simple.”

Solarclarity aims to add value for her customers through logistics, financing, system design, training and service.

We have formed a top team of counsellors, technical experts, professionals and installers, who implement our “Solar Made Simple” concept. We set high standards for our service and demand the highest quality work from our employees.

We also believe in a “partnership with the market”: As pioneers in this industry, we feel partly responsible for a healthy market development. That is why we have launched the SC Academy, where training on solar power is provided and advice services are offered.

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